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12 months of wyatt

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Wyatt, 2 Years

For the last year I’ve been journaling each month in an attempt to remember little things Wyatt is, says and does.  Over time the formatting changed: because of need, desire or circumstance — but the notion stayed the same.…

Documentation Ideas

Wyatt, 21, 22 + 23 Months

Right before Wyatt turned one year old I decided that I wanted to start sharing monthly updates recapping milestones, memories + highlights from the previous month. For me it was a way of sharing my mommy journey with you, but…

Documentation Ideas

Wyatt, 20 Months

QUICK STATS clothing size: 2T-3T diaper size: 5 shoe size: 7 teeth: 16 THINGS I WANT TO REMEMBER Third ear infection and 4th round of antibiotics of his life — a trip to children’s urgent care for possible UTI?…