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Wyatt, 19 Months

Wyatt, 19 months

Last Tuesday Wyatt turned 19 months — which is insane to say for so many reasons, none of which I will bore you with here today.

I can still see that baby I brought home from the hospital all those months ago when I look at him — but he looks more and more like a little man everyday.  It catches me so off guard sometimes I feel like I need to then catch my breath. I absolutely adore being his mama.

Wyatt, 19 months


clothing size: 2T
diaper size: 5
shoe size: 7
teeth: 16


Obsessed with opening and shutting (ahem, slamming) doors. Pretends to lock and unlock them with his play car keys

Likes the word “space” — or at the very least is intrigued by it.  He always grins and repeats that word when he hears it.

Becoming a climber

Likes to help with all household chores and being called “helper”

His head hugs… oh his head hugs!


Clothing size: 2T — even wearing a 3T sweat shirt with the sleeves rolled

Teeth:  16 total (4 more teeth (incisors) popped through  this month, so that makes for 8 top + 8 bottom) — only one more set of molars to go!



2-3 times a week.  He loves bath time even more now that he has some bath toys to explore with.  Although I must admit he is still partial to the simple cups he’s had for ages.  I usually have to tear him out of the tub — water already cold. And the only thing that makes him happy again is being reminded of his impending coconut oil/shea butter massage ;)


Great at brushing his teeth.  Resists only sometimes — usually when he’s really tired at night before bed. Likes to brush his hair with mommy’s hair brush now (Lord knows the kid has enough hair for it!)  Still enjoys fishing through his little toiletry bag while I cut his finger + toenails — which he makes entirely too easy on me any more.

Went through a couple week phase of HATING diaper changes. Getting mad and even crying — that seems to have passed though.


Bad, oh so very bad sleeping this past month. Up 2 and 3 times a night most nights.  Wants mommy + teething and possibly some separation anxiety — I’m so, so stinkin’ tired…

  • Bedtime: 8-10pm
  • Night sleep: 10-12 hours total — much broken sleep though
  • Morning wake time: 7-9am
  • Nap time: depends on how late he wakes up, usually 4-5 hours after he’s been awake from morning
  • Nap duration: 2-3 hours, and then sometimes you’ll get the random 30 mins – 1 hour deal


Favorite foods: grapes, raisins, bananas, cheese, eggs, almond butter, peanut butter, Ezekiel toast, chia seeds, granola, oatmeal, sweet potato fries, chicken + ketchup, popcorn, salsa, pasta, veggie pizza

Favorite books: What Do Doozers Do?, Little Blue Truck, 10 Tiny Puppies, The Alphabet (a flip up book)

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite TV shows: Bolt, Super Why

Favorite activities: Playing outside, painting, being chased by the dogs, reading books, identifying shapes, animals + colors, “helping” daddy load the fire, puzzles, baby app games, toy cars, stacking/building (although mostly knocking down, haha), bath time, cooking in the kitchen

New words and phrases: Most remarkably? Hexagon. Lol.

Signs: milk, more, please (which is the same as more), drink, eat, potty, play



With all the lack of sleep, I find myself quick to get frustrated a lot of days. I do my best to prevent it, but I’m a [pregnant] human that needs more sleep.  I tell ya though, I know when you’re frustrated too.  When you just want your mommy.  Because even though you look more and more like a grown little man every day, I know that you are my baby boy.  And darn it if you aren’t the best cuddler there ever was! Bring on the head hugs baby!!!



*All photos are from my Instagram @lovelylauralife


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