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    20 Questions (and Answers) About Personal Style

    A few months ago I came across a post over on the Cladwell Guide where Anuschka Rees answered 20 questions pertaining to style.  I thought doing something similar (or in this case, the exact same thing) would be a fun way to give you some insight to my current thoughts on personal style, the fashion industry and my current closet. Here goes! 1. What’s your favorite item in your closet? My cognac brown ankle booties. 2. How would you describe your…

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  • Mama Style

    A Neutral (Yet Festive) Holiday Look

    It’s a time old tale. Every time a special occasion or gathering nears I somehow always feel this need to buy something (preferably something perfect) to wear for it.  I think…

  • Motherhood

    I’ve Lived Many Imperfect Days

    After abundant time spent with family, copious amounts of  turkey, stuffing and just one (ahem, TEN) too many desserts my little family and I said farewell to a holiday weekend with not…

  • Motherhood

    Those Hidden Gems

    It’s Black Friday! I’m not sure what that means for you, but for us it means it’s time to smash some pumpkins and decorate for Christmas whilst listening to every Christmas…

  • Motherhood

    You and Me / November 2016

    YOU (THURS) Carrying “Bunny” and “Bear” around with you everywhere you go. The way you say, bunny.  I sounds just like money…  and with the most tender-hearted tone of voice. Asking…