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The Thing About Fear

The Thing About Fear via

With each of my pregnancies the ‘final week’ has always felt like so much more than simply ‘waiting on signs of labor’… Truthfully, they have all been more like spiritual and emotional roller coasters. This time around is proving no different. With Wyatt it felt undoubtedly like an issue of control — of letting go and trusting God’s plans more than my own. At the 41 week mark I was induced per recommendation of my beloved ob/gyn and took what…

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In My Bag

In My Bag | At the Hospital with Baby #3

In My Bag | At the Hospital with Baby #3

I’ve always been a planner by nature: research and lists are dear friends of mine.  So you can imagine that the idea of piecing together a well-packed hospital bag — complete with everything you need and nothing don’t — has appealed to me since our first trip to the hospital with Wyatt. But the truth is that there’s no way to know exactly what you’ll need and what you won’t every single time and, if you’re like me and are…

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Bump Style Cultivated Wardrobe

5 Steps to Create a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe + My Favorite Summer Color Palettes


As a whole, I’ve gravitated away from creating seasonal capsules and focused instead on cultivating a simple, intentional year-round wardrobe for the past couple of years.  That said, I recognize that a seasonal capsule wardrobe seems to serve me well during periods of great change: pregnancy, postpartum, etc.  My mind, sense of contentedness and budget all benefit from fragmenting and re-framing time into a short three month chunk (or some other designated time frame) — so at the onset of my…

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