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    What I [Really] Wore No. 3

    Happy Tuesday again all!  It’s been a week?  Right?  Maybe that’s just because Wyatt started soccer last week and every other day has been filled to the brim with something.  And is it just me or do you smell fall in the air too?  I mean, like one day it’s summer and then all of a sudden, it’s fall?

    Let’s jump right into this week’s looks shall we?  (Heads up: I forgot to take a photo on Sunday, so no Sunday look for this week — just in case you find yourself looking for it!)

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    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    Fun fact: this top used to be a shirt dress!  I bought it forever ago at Target and after so many washes (and runs through the dryer) one day I found that it was just way too dang short.  I loved the wash and material so much I decided to bring it to the tailor and have them turn it into a ‘new’ chambray shirt.  I’m so glad I did because it’s going to be seeing a LOT more wear as cooler temperatures start to roll in.

    CHAMBRAY BUTTON DOWN (refashioned) / Similar / Similar (made responsibly)

    TRACK SHORT (old by Madewell) / Similar / Similar (made responsibly) 

    SNEAKERS by Converse 

    TOTE by LiveFashionable



    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    Still not sure if this look came together quite as well as I had envisioned.  I decided to try and pair my white u-neck tee from Everlane with my pencil skirt for a day at the office and, although I was very comfortable, looking at it all here in these photos I’m not sure it’s as ‘dressy’ as I should be for work.  And — cue the violins — this shirt will soon be getting demoted to a workout/pajama/farm top because, after more than two long years of it being my sole white short sleeve tee, I noticed two tiny holes forming at the bottom of it near the hemline.  I’m thinking of replacing it with this v-neck white tee instead… We had a good run at least!

    WHITE TEE by Everlane 

    PENCIL SKIRT (secondhand Banana Republic via local shop) / Similar 

    SANDALS by Salt Water

    WATCH (old by Michael Kors) / Similar 

    TOTE by LiveFashionable



    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    I had little more fun with these photos, can you tell?  Blame it on the twirly dress. ; ) I haven’t worn this dress nearly as much as I did last summer,  so maybe this little weekly series is inspiring me to pull for different pieces than I have been as of late?  I think the all white thing intimidates me still sometimes — it just feels a little fussier than I’d like to most days.  But I remembered (after finally wearing this dress again) that it holds ups like a champ!  I can ‘mom it hard’ in this dress and still honor my romantic feminine side.  I’ll definitely be pulling for this dress a lot more moving forward.

    DERBY DRESS by Piper and Scoot (last year, still available with low stock!) / Similar (made in USA) / Similar (also made in USA)

    HAT by Old Navy (old) / Similar / Similar (made in responsibly)

    SANDALS by Salt Water



    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    Speaking of pieces I haven’t worn in a while, this muscle tank hasn’t seen wear in over a year an a half!  It’s the only piece I’ve kept tucked away in a drawer at the bottom of my closet.  I bought it while I was still nursing and wearing nursing bras — it just didn’t work for me.  My bra was always showing at the armpit and it made me feel uncomfortable and self conscious.  When I dug it out this past week (desperate for another sleeveless option with temps in the 80’s again) I still wasn’t sure it would do it for me.  I have very broad shoulders and I was pretty sure the cut of this top would just accentuate that and leave me feeling well, broad.  After seeing it here in these photos, and getting couple winks from Nick throughout the day, I’m gonna go ahead and say its another winner.

    WHITE MUSCLE TEE by Everlane

    DENIM SHORTS (secondhand J. Crew via Poshmark) / Similar / Similar

    HAT (old by Old Navy) / Similar / Similar (made responsibly)

    SANDALS by Salt Water

    TOTE by LiveFashionable



    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    Another day, another jean short and tee combo.  What can I say, this combo doesn’t ever disappoint me.  Sometimes I feel like I could look a little more “cute”, but in some cases I’d be sacrificing functionality.  A.k.a. in the summertime mama sweats. Lol.  Cotton has proven to keep me coolest (linen a close second) and so on days when I just can’t even,  I wear this and don’t over think it.  (Although I do think a side braid and baseball cap would have been a nice little cherry on top.)

    SCRIPT OHIO TEE  by Homage (old) / Almost exact same

    DENIM SHORTS (secondhand J. Crew via Poshmark) / Similar / Similar

    SNEAKERS by Converse 

    TOTE by LiveFashionable




    What I [Really] Wore via thelovelylauralife.com

    You guys, have I mentioned I love this top?  I’ve been increasingly pleased with my early summer purchases from Amour Vert.  I feel as if though they are the first sustainable fashion brand to truly embody my ideal aesthetic.  A little classic, a little European and a little bit of romance.  It’s refreshing and promising for me in my desire to pursue responsible fashion — and not solely rely on buying secondhand.  I’m working on a full review of the two pieces I bought to hopefully share with you next week!

    ELLA SHORT SLEEVE TOP by Amour Vert (made responsibly) / Also available at Nordstrom

    PONTE PANT c/o Brass Clothing (made responsibly) / (fit note: I’m wearing my usual size, large)

    SANDALS by Salt Water

    WATCH (old by Michael Kors) / Similar 


    That’s it for this week!  I’ll be back every week with this series and mixing it up with all my other usual lifestyle posts. As always thanks for always reading along! :)

    What are your sentiments on slow fashion vs. ethical fashion?  Or do you perceive a distinction?  How do you attempt to live it (a responsible take toward fashion) out in your own life? Or do you subscribe to some other mindset?

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