35 Weeks

Highs this week | Spending special time with my closest family and friends at the baby ‘sprinkle’ they threw me today.  Talk about feelin’ the love!  It was a much needed celebration.

Lows this week | A little stressed/overwhelmed in general. Feeling like I’m trying to do a lot and doing absolutely none of it with grace.  Not sure exactly what’s triggered it — I suppose it could just be hormones taking their toll. Or lack of good sleep…

Miss anything? | Maybe my high-waisted jeans… just a little bit?

Movement | I basically feel her move all of the time. Haha! I’m on the high end of the spectrum in regards to amniotic fluid (i.e., I grow quite the large swimming pool) so she still has plenty of room to move around in there.  By my calculations she’s taking full advantage of partaking in all kinds of shenanigans.

Happy or moody most of the time? | Happy! But definitely a little moody this past week.

Looking forward to | A slower week on the doctor appointment front.  This pregnancy has set all kinds of records involving doctor visits!

Sleep | Total hit or miss over here.  During this past week I’ve experienced both highs: literally did not move a muscle the entire night and woke up totally rested — and lows: literally fell asleep at 5:48am,  27 minutes before my alarm went off.  (Okay so maybe the mood fluctuations are starting to make a little more sense…)

Food cravings | Still no cravings (besides ALL sugar.)

Weird pregnancy moment | Legitimately being kept awake for hours, one night this week, because she was moving so much!

Labor signs | Mainly just the braxton hick’s contractions I’ve been having for weeks/months now, but I also lost a little sleep this week because of some much stronger contractions that came on at night two nights in a row.

Belly button in or out? | What belly button? Haha!

Weight gain | 30 lbs

Favorite maternity clothes | Fun stuff: I decided to round up/finalize a maternity capsule wardrobe that I will be sharing with you on Wednesday!  In the meantime, you may (or may not have) noticed a new “Shop” section in the main navigation of my blog!  I’ve spent sometime pulling together some of my favorites that you can shop (via affiliate link) if you too find yourself in need. In this ‘shop‘ section you can browse: clothingclothing carehomekid, baby, and beauty products as well as books I love.  I do hope you find it useful!

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