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35 Weeks

Highs this week | Spending special time with my closest family and friends at the baby ‘sprinkle’ they threw me today.  Talk about feelin’ the love!  It was a much needed celebration. Lows this week | A little stressed/overwhelmed in general. Feeling like I’m trying to do a lot and doing absolutely none of it with grace.  Not sure exactly what’s triggered it — I suppose it could just be hormones taking their toll. Or lack of good sleep… Miss anything? | Maybe…

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Simple Skincare + a No-Fuss Makeup Routine for Summer

Simple Summer Skincare + Makeup via

Summer is officially here — and for over a whole week already at that! Even though fall is definitely my favorite season, summer assuredly comes in as a close second.  Summer vibes are just so relaxing and I generally tend to feel more at peace with all the time spent outside and abundance of life giving light.  Give me all the al fresco meals, evening walks in our woods and fresh strawberries. So, to usher in summer, today I wanna talk…

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Bump Style Pregnancy

34 Weeks

34 weeks via

Highs this week | Without a doubt getting to see baby girl in a 3-D ultrasound. I went in for a ‘routine’ growth ultrasound so I was in no way expecting to see this/do this as it never happened during either pregnancy with our boys.  It always seemed like something extra? Something you even scheduled separately? At an entirely different location? (And even came at an additional cost?)  So, needless to say, when the monitor switched to a 4-way split…

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