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  • Thurser, Two Years

    Thurser, Two [and a Half-ish] Years

    Almost six months ago my baby turned two. Thurser turned TWO. How’s that for an alliteration? We celebrated with a small birthday party with family and I wrote him a cheesy…

  • Style

    What I [Really] Wore No. 2

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Let me start off with a big warm welcome for anybody new here! ;)  Last week I kicked off a weekly outfit series I’m calling What I [Really]…

  • Food + Recipes

    Pancake Saturday

    In all honesty, today is totally a french toast Saturday.  Because well, I’m mostly after a four year old and two year old’s heart.  BUT over the last year, Pancake Saturdays have…

  • Style

    What I [Really] Wore

    Waaay back in April one of my blogging pals, Andrea from Seasons and Salt, started an awesome series featuring outfits she really wears everyday — as opposed to carefully curated blog…

  • Motherhood

    Start Where You Are

    “Hey guys? Do you want to help mommy?” It was early, the sky hinted a grey day was in store.  I needed to get breakfast on the table but not before…

  • Motherhood

    A Little Love Story

    It’s taken me almost 7 years of marriage to put a single wedding photo on the walls of our home. SEVEN YEARS people. And although there’s nothing inherently wrong with that,…