Bump Style Pregnancy

31 Weeks

Highs this week |  Yard sale-ing with my boys on Saturday morning.  Best friends visiting to bring us the most delicious taco dinner complete with: homemade guacamole AND salsa. Ugh… I so ate too much.  Also getting to see my little girl’s face during my first AFI/NST (weekly ultrasounds).  She’s getting round little cheeks and getting to see them during the ultrasound took me off guard in the best possible way.

Lows this week | No lows this week. Still feeling strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

Miss anything? | Not that I can think of at the moment! Maybe getting in an out of bed easily??

Movement | Loving feeling her little knees, feet and elbows actually pop out from my stomach. Makes me so incredibly excited to hold and love on her little body outside of mine.

Happy or moody most of the time? |  Happy!

Looking forward to | Seeing her face, feeling her little body against my chest.

Sleep | Sleep was (relatively) good this week! Thank goodness! I did not continually wake up exhausted every morning as I did with last week.

Food cravings | Still no specific food cravings, although fresh fruits and yummy salads are starting to sound better and better as we head into the hotter weather. Also battling another round of sugar cravings… (such is my life — pregnant or otherwise) If you have any suggestions for that one I’m all ears.

Weird pregnancy moment? | Nothing good to share this week!

Labor signs | Just the braxton hick’s contractions I’ve been having for weeks now.   And it’s worth noting that I’ve had some sort of notion that she isn’t going to stick around until 39 or 40 weeks. (I was 41 weeks with Wyatt and 40 weeks and 4 days with Thurser).  Not sure why, but it’s just a gut feeling at this point.

Belly button in or out? | Half in, half out — but mostly just disappeared. Haha! Consistent with every other pregnancy!

Weight gain | 23 lbs

Favorite maternity clothes  | Definitely dresses!  I still love this navy maxi dress (still available in black) that I got back in April and just got: this grey midi tank dress, in the mail — love! Still waiting on this gingham dress to arrive in the mail, but this Pyne and Smith dress is easily my new favorite dress (pictured above).  I also purchased it in white to replace a favorite white dress of mine that recently bit the dust.  Would you be interested in a full blown review of them sometime?

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