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Wyatt, 16 Months

Since Wyatt turned 16 months almost 20 days ago it almost seems pointless to write this post because I will be (should be) posting another a blog post titled Wyatt, 17 months in just a couple weeks. BUT since I usually record everything as we go through out a month, this blog post is basically written already — minus a few ad libs here and there — so truly I have no excuse not to write it.

“I write too many memories down of my baby when he’s doing memorable or otherwise ordinary things in adorable ways” said no mom ever.

My future self is patting my current self on the back.  Must… find the… time…


clothing size: 18 months – 2T 
diaper size: 4
shoe size: 6  

Says “no” in the cutest most polite way imaginable when answering questions and his response is “no” — complete with a slight head shake.

 “Wyatt, would you like some more milk?”

 “Wyatt, do you want to get down?”

 “You want some more granola?”

 Self weaned less than a week after turning 15 months.

Started sleeping in his own room in his own big boy bed.

Slept through the night for an entire week straight!

Is becoming quite independent, wanting to do many tasks himself — including eating with fork and spoon.



Clothing size: 18 months – 2T (depends on brand or clothing type)

Teeth: 8 total (4 top front, 2 bottom front, 1 top left molar, 1 bottom right molar)




Usually twice a week. Tuesdays and Saturdays are usually our days.  He loves baths still, but does NOT like water in his face.


We started using toothpaste and, if possible, he loves to brush his teeth even more. He’s getting quite good at brushing his own hair.  And he is a doll and really likes to help himself get dressed — stepping into his pants, putting his arms into his shirt, trying to loosen his laces when putting on his shoes.


  • Bedtime: 8 pm
  • Night sleep: 8-11 hours
  • Morning wake time:  6:30-7:30am
  • Nap time: 11-3pm
  • Nap duration: 2-3 hours

His bedtime is solidly around 8 pm now, sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later. AND we’ve hit some big sleep milestones with him this past month:

9.29.14 – 10.5.14 — Started sleeping in his own room in his own big boy bed! Only two nights did mama have to sleep in his bed with him… the other nights mama only had to go and soothe him back to sleep in the middle of the night

10.5.14 — Last night he slept in his own bed from 8pm to 8am! I only had to in once in the middle of the night for 10 minutes to soothe him back to sleep

10.13.14 – 10.17.14 — Slept through the night every night For a week in his own room in his own bed!



 Still loves the outdoors more than anything, exploring and playing with the dogs is his favorite.

We read countless books everyday (his favorites listed below) and he greatly enjoys going to the library.

Is proving to be a climber — perhaps we’ll have to look into a mini indoor gym.

Also proving to be a tech-y, just like his daddy. Sometimes borderline obsessed with electronics and since he doesn’t really have any of his own (he has a few toys that make noise) that means he’s trying to steal mom and dads all the time.

Loves vehichles (trucks, cars, tractors, garbage trucks, concrete mixers, etc.) and dogs.  Anything with a dog is an instant hit.

Master_of_taking_things_apart Perfect_pumpking_picking Pumpking_picking_at_Irons_Fruit_Farm Elbow_patches_and_pumpkin_picking A_boy's_happy_place


The kid is a talking machine. Seriously.

I think the newest in this realm is that he starting to say phrases, as many as three words in length. So fun.

Commons words and phrases: hey baby, hey gorgeous, I love you, good girl, woo, wow, hot, hat, that, up, down, more, milk, please, thank you, apple, banana, book, dog, bear, tractor, truck, baby, open, that, uh oh, Juno, Iri, nana, pappy, Mammie, grandpa, aunt Kk, uncle b, oh no, all better, helicopter, airplane, train,

A few new fav words + phrases from this month:  all better, up please, no thank you

Can identify all kinds of animals including: puppy, kitten, duck, pig, rabbit, sheep, bear, bug, bird, cow, lion, tiger, dog, cat, bug, elephant, etc. Knows what all of them say!


Meals:  Still right around 3 meals, 3 snacks a day.  He goes through waves of eating a ton at one time, to just grazing throughout the day.  He’s still real good about trying new things, although he will let you know when he’s not going to.  He’s started eating “on the go” as we call it.  He will eat about 3/4 of what he will eat total in his booster seat, say he’s all done, ask to get down and then continue eating here and there while busying himself with whatever.


Favorite foods: freeze dried blue berries, strawberries, grapes, chili, eggs, cheese, banana, peanut butter/almond butter with chia seeds, popcorn, quesadillas, salsa, oatmeal, chocolate covered raisins, pizza, green smoothies, pasta, guacamole

Books: What Do Doozers Do?, Little Blue Truck, Go Dog Go!, Trucks, Mickey Mouse, Harry the Dirty Dog

Color: I still stand strong at orange. It’s definitely orange.



Just a few days after he turned 15 months Wyatt stopped nursing all together. He had decreased from once a day to every 48 hours for a week. And then two days went by, then three, then four…

He asked one time about a week after having not nursed after he had a hard time falling asleep during naptime, I offered him milk in his cup and he seemed completely satisfied, and he hasn’t asked since then.

I don’t know how the weaning process gets any easier than that!



Wyatt is the best.  Truly.  It’s not that parenting isn’t challenging, but Wyatt has yet to be the reason it is.  He explores. He tests boundaries.  He loves.  He cackles.  He pushes buttons.  He learns.  He craves to navigate and understand everything around him.  He is just so literally bursting with life it’s impossible not to crave being around him.


I love that you have become a daddy’s boy, but I love that you still want only me at bedtime more.  You remind me everyday not to take moments like that for granted. Ever.


*All photos are from my Instagram @lovelylauralife

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