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Add Some Edge to Basic Tunic + Leggings

IMG_0777 IMG_0775 IMG_0787 IMG_0774 Adding some edge to basic leggings IMG_0795 copy

I would never describe myself as an edgy person — I doubt you’ll soon see me sporting leather spiked cuffs — but there is something inherently cool about a somewhat  edgy outfit. Right?  Especially if you’re a mom.  Well at 21 weeks pregnant (at the time this photo was taken) I was feeling like proving to myself I still have it.

To me, introducing leather — both of the vegan or real variety — into any outfit can instantly bring a modern cool and effortless edginess effect to the whole ensemble.

This outfit is about as basic and minimal as it gets with: an oversized sheer tunic, leggings and ankle boots.  By adding a cropped moto jacket to the mix I’ve not only added texture, I’ve introduced a new vibe. Subtle yes, but subtly is the goal here.  I’m proving something to myself, not to all the teenagers in angst of my high school days.

Ah, who am I kidding ? We’re all cow poke out here.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, currently there are several great ways you can easily add an inkling of edgy into your wardrobe: leather jacket, leather leggings, leather boots, leather bag, the list goes on.

So bring it.

On a completely unrelated note: Tunics really know how to mask a bump don’t they? 

What do you think about adding edge to an outfit with leather/faux leather? 

Photos by headsupphotography

Jacket: Forever 21, old — I have my eyes set on this one as a sturdier replacement

Tunic blouse: Candies, old

Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad

Ankle boots: Gap

Crossbody: Target, similar

Bangle: Madewell

Ring: Madewell


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