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Not Another Winter Uniform

I’ve written about ‘uniforms’ before.  More specifically, I’ve written about my winter uniforms before (here and here) — so when Caroline from Un-fancy recently shared thoughts on  her latest winter uniform I began to reflect a little on my own habits this winter thus far as well…

Then this weekend we had a heat wave and all I could muster were thoughts of tees, sneakers and sunnies… Ha!

Instead of reflecting merely on my winter uniform — and how to rock it these last few weeks of solid winter — I reflected on its characteristics, and how those either worked or didn’t.

This season has been truly comprised of only two different looks:

a sweater + skinny jeans + non-heel ankle boots OR

a long sleeve tee + my quilted jacket + non-heel ankle boots.  

Every now and then I’d throw on my gym shoes with the latter look for some variation and that casual cool vibe, but my feet would just freeze. Blah…

Honestly? There was nothing about these looks that didn’t work for me,  but after weeks and weeks of rocking them I realized I hadn’t given myself any variety in the shoe department (ALL flats, ALL ankle boots) and I wish I had.  I also realized that I liked my look better the more I layered, and that it was a great way to add variety (and maybe something a little unexpected) in a different way than shoes.

I decided to use these two assessments as my takeaway from this winter’s capsule and employ them proactively in planning my spring capsule .  The assessment and planning phases are what I continue to find perhaps the most valuable lesson learned from utilizing a capsule wardrobe all together.

This past weekend I put to good use my love of layering and gave my feet a break from those ankle boots  — and voila! I already have one spring uniform under my belt. ;)

Anybody else find themselves really looking forward to spring this year? Do you assess your ‘uniforms’ before making wardrobe purchases?

Jacket: Old Navy (thrifted), similar
Top: J Crew (thrifted), similar
Tee: Everlane (shop my referral link here)
Bottoms: American Eagle (distressed by me)
Shoes: Converse

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