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  • Closet 101

    10 x 10 Spring Challenge: Pieces

    This past Monday Lee the Bee extended her 10 x 10 Spring Challenge and a small, yet distinctly impulsive voice inside me screamed out, “me too!” Today I’m officially throwing my hat…

  • Style

    Not Another Winter Uniform

    I’ve written about ‘uniforms’ before.  More specifically, I’ve written about my winter uniforms before (here and here) — so when Caroline from Un-fancy recently shared thoughts on  her latest winter uniform…

  • mama style / street vs. country road

    Street vs. Country Road

    You know that section on Pinterest under women’s fashion? The one called street style? I’ve been hanging around there when on Pinterest lately and I’ve got to say that I love…

  • mama style / one crazy topknot

    Crazy Top Knots

    Um. Can we all just agree that I’m rocking one ca-razy top knot here? Yes? #momlife Last Tuesday I found myself in the most unexpected situation. My mom had offered to…

  • mama style / mixing high + low end pieces
    Closet 101

    Mixing High + Low End Pieces

    One goal I had in pursuing my year round capsule wardrobe — or my “all seasons” capsule wardrobe as I’m calling it — was to incorporate as many high quality second…