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Like a Bush in the Wastelands via
The Hard Stuff

Like a Bush in the Wastelands

In the weeks following our oldest’s (Wyatt) birth I was forced to navigate some deep waters — as any new mom is forced to do I suspect.  Overcome with unfathomable love and responsibility, most of my life choices began…


31 Weeks

Highs this week:  Yard sale-ing with my boys on Saturday morning.  Best friends visiting to bring us the most delicious taco dinner complete with: homemade guacamole AND salsa. Ugh… I so ate too much.  Also getting to see my…

Books + Music

Summer 2018 Reading List

I don’t believe I’ve ever done a “reading list” blog post before, but I’ve come across or been introduced to some fantastic books recently that I’m just chomping at the bit to get through.  This is the first time…


30 Weeks

Five days late. Five days late. ‘I can’t be pregnant,’ I thought.  We haven’t even started *trying*. And yet… five days late. You know what though? I knew.  Somehow I knew.  Despite all my hours and days of disbelief, the…

Food + Recipes

Homemade Donuts

Have you ever considered making homemade donuts before?  There is pretty much nothing I haven’t considered trying to make at home in the pursuit of eating a real foods diet, but donuts definitely seemed like one that would be…