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35 Weeks

Highs this week | Spending special time with my closest family and friends at the baby ‘sprinkle’ they threw me today.  Talk about feelin’ the love!  It was a much needed celebration. Lows this week | A little stressed/overwhelmed in general.…

Simple Summer Skincare + Makeup via

Simple Skincare + a No-Fuss Makeup Routine for Summer

Summer is officially here — and for over a whole week already at that! Even though fall is definitely my favorite season, summer assuredly comes in as a close second.  Summer vibes are just so relaxing and I generally tend…

34 weeks via
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34 Weeks

Highs this week | Without a doubt getting to see baby girl in a 3-D ultrasound. I went in for a ‘routine’ growth ultrasound so I was in no way expecting to see this/do this as it never happened…