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Like a Bush in the Wastelands via
The Hard Stuff

Like a Bush in the Wastelands

In the weeks following our oldest’s (Wyatt) birth I was forced to navigate some deep waters — as any new mom is forced to do I suspect.  Overcome with unfathomable love and responsibility, most of my life choices began…

Bump Style Pregnancy

31 Weeks

Highs this week |  Yard sale-ing with my boys on Saturday morning.  Best friends visiting to bring us the most delicious taco dinner complete with: homemade guacamole AND salsa. Ugh… I so ate too much.  Also getting to see…

Bump Style Pregnancy

30 Weeks

  Five days late. Five days late. ‘I can’t be pregnant,’ I thought.  We haven’t even started *trying*. And yet… five days late. You know what though? I knew.  Somehow I knew.  Despite all my hours and days of disbelief,…