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Operation Blanton Farm | The Mudroom

Two Saturdays ago our dryer decided to bite the dust. Our washer was already on its last leg.

After 6 years of marriage, 3 years of home ownership and nary an appliance bought we looked at each other and breathed, “it’s time.”

We made a trip to Lowe’s the next day and sealed the deal. :)

Seeing this unfortunate set of events as an opportunity to improve the functionality and current state of our mudroom/laundry room we decided to simultaneously rip out the crumbling linoleum tiles and lay the same flooring as in the fireplace room + kitchen (breakfast room).

I am SO. PUMPED. Haha!

Nick stayed up late Sunday night working on trimming everything out — and then I did Monday night painting — before the washer/dryer were delivered yesterday (!). Not the best before pictures in the world (to convey the horrible use of space prior) but here are some progress pictures. I plan to do another update next week now that the washer/dryer is in (and some paint is on the walls) AND to share with you my design ideas for the space ;)

Operation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

Lovely curtains huh? Haha!

This layout of the washer/dryer being kaddy-wampus (technical term*) just didn’t work for us. So although we have some extreme reservations, we decided to go with a front loading washer dryer and stack them to gain some much needed floor space in this room.Operation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

What your kitchen looks like when all of your laundry room stuff is misplaced. #renovationrealitesOperation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

Guess what? I actually got to demo! The second the kiddos were asleep for their naps Nick and I tore into this room. And what’s even more awesome is that I got to do most of the tearing! Albeit it was more accurately lifting tiles off of the ground because they were that far gone…

I often skirt at the edge of our projects, with babies on my hips, bringing to the table the overall design ideas, etc. Nick is largely the technical and muscle. I think it took me awhile to not be bothered by this. I like getting my hands dirty, I feel extremely accomplished when I do.

So for me this was gold. :)Operation Blanton Farm / The MudroomOperation Blanton Farm / The MudroomOperation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

Say it with me… “UCK!”Operation Blanton Farm / The MudroomOperation Blanton Farm / The MudroomOperation Blanton Farm / The MudroomOperation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

When Nick laid  the temp flooring in the kitchen we discovered the tip of what looked like some serious water damage to the laundry room sub floor. Thankfully once we demo-ed everything it was not as bad as we originally thought.  Although the staining is extensive, there is no rot (yay!) so we were able to avoid having to replace parts/all of the sub floor.Operation Blanton Farm / The Mudroom

Cork underlayment has proven to be the bomb in our house. It’s help insulated our leaky old house and made the floors warmer, while remaining a more eco friendly option.

Operation Blanton Farm / The MudroomAnd, I’m sorry I don’t know what was wrong with this photo (!!!). I tried everything to get it rotate and view properly in this darn blog post, but alas here it is.  I just really wanted you to get a glimpse of the flooring because 1.) Nick laid it all super fast and I’m really proud and 2.) because it completely changes the space!

Check back next week for some more (seriously awesome) updates regarding this space. I’ve never been more excited to do laundry in my life. ;)


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