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Operation Blanton Farm | Mudroom Progress + Design Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on mudroom progress… and really? Not a whole lot has changed since that update. We ripped out and replaced the flooring, got one corner of the room painted and the washer/dryer installed. I then got one coat of paint on (almost) the entire rest of the room and well, there it has set ever since. Blue painter’s tape and all.  Aside from our highly improved ‘doing laundry’ experience (which is now a happy family affair) our mudroom currently rests incomplete.

Operation Blanton Farm / Mudroom Progress + Design Ideas Operation Blanton Farm / Mudroom Progress + Design Ideas

To be fair, it is arguably more complete than it was before we demo-ed the barely-there flooring, but that’s the thing about doing all the work yourself I suppose: priorities.  No one’s paying us to finish painting that room. To replace the overly long hosing to the washer. Hang board and batten and hooks so we can actually start hanging stuff in there… So when your dilapidated barn starts buckling and falling down on itself– threatening to take other things nearby down with it — all your energies and resources switch to addressing and attacking that priority.

Of course this is just one example!

Operation Blanton Farm / Mudroom Progress + Design Ideas Operation Blanton Farm / Mudroom Progress + Design Ideas

Tackling all your home projects on your own can be wearisome, things just seem to string on forever and ever and ever…  But I’m learning that all that waiting time is actually a really good thing.

Designing and planning out projects is great. Necessary even.  But so much of the time it’s much more useful to actually utilize a space to best determine your needs and desires of it.  Even mid renovation.  I think it helps original design ideas evolve in to the best versions of themselves — while also allowing for the flexibility to work around obstacles you find that you are unable to move. (Case and point…)

Does that make sense? Or does that sound crazy??

As I’m resting in this particular lull, I’m finding some new design inspiration for this mudroom project.  Here are some of my current love affairs. ;)


I absolutely am in love with the bones of this space.  Strong and traditional architectural elements, with just a couple rustic and modern touches that give it that bright + fresh balance I adore.


Not only do I want a sink in our mudroom but, weneedasink in our mudroom.  Farm = dirt + grease + (animal) poop.  I’m sure Nick will just be positively thrilled that I now have visions of a farmhouse sink in the mudroom (as well as the kitchen) as opposed to a total utilitarian stationary sink…  But doesn’t this just feel like it belongs in an late 19th century farmhouse?


I am probably most drawn to the wonderful light in this space, but that door is totally what brings it.  We’ve danced ’round and ’round about adding a door directly to the right of the window in our mudroom (providing easier access from where we park into the house) but I’ve never been sure that it would be worth eating up already limited and valuable wall space.  This may just seal the deal. :)

Any of you have mudroom goals like mine? Haha, do share!

P.S. I will probably be posting a video of that barn being torn down soo. It is slated to happen over the holiday weekend… eeek!

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