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I’ve been back to work now for three weeks.  Three weeks.  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been that long already.  Granted, that’s really only six days for me because I only work outside of the home two days a week. But still.

The transition back to work was much smoother this time around.  Much like the transition to being mommy of two (instead of one) was as well.  There’s just no way anyone can prepare you for that first baby, right? Nothing anyone can say, do, share, etc.  You just have to do it. Sometimes I would even describe it as having to re-learn to do everything you already know how to do: shower, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, etc. Everything is different.

But the second baby?  Well, even though they are entirely their own human being and can be completely different from their first born sibling… you got this. Right?  You’ve already made that giant leap into parenthood.  That Grand Canyon crossing from being solely responsible for yourself to utterly responsible for the existence of another human being.

And not to mention you can enjoy everything that much more because: 1.) you realize that there really is no manual. Like, no.  Really.  Everyone is making educated guesses just like you are.  2.)You realize just how fleeting every moment and stage are.  So when babe has you up at 2 am and. Won’t. Go. Back. To. Sleep. And you are so desperately tired… You can remind yourself that it won’t be like this for long and, not only believe it, but have some point of reference.

Yeah, coming back to work after the second baby is easier because there really isn’t any newness to it. In fact, it feels familiar.

Easier.  But never easy.

I miss my babies. Hugely.  The only way I ever get anything done while I’m at work is because I know that they are with grandmas the entire time I’m away.

And if I’m being super transparent? I dream that someday this space (this blog) would allow me to be at home with them seven days a week instead of just the five.

Just, huh?  I’m sure that word sounds ungrateful to some and exhausting to others. One thing I’ve become painfully aware of recently is that it’s never safe to assume a mom is exactly where she wants to be.  I’ve met SAHM’s that wish they could work.  I’ve met working moms that wish they could stay at home.  I’ve met WAHM’s that are trying to juggle it all.  Nevertheless we all share this wonderful title of “mom”.  And it is a role that you can never — like physically, mentally and emotionally are incapable of — stepping out of, no matter where you go.  Oh ! And what a blessing it truly is!

Jacket: Ann Taylor blazer (thrifted) similar
Top: J Crew (thrifted), similar
Bottoms: Old Navy
Shoes: Shoemint (old), similar
Bag: Nordstrom

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    Andrea Hartman
    June 24, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    I love your honesty and transparency Laura. I am a WAHM mom, and there are days I wish I just worked outside the home. The juggle is tough! Working outside the home two days a week with Grandmas babysitting sounds like a dream to me! Our parents live in different cities than us though. You are right it seems like rarely are we where we want to be. I hope someday your blog can help you stay at home! :)

  • Reply
    June 24, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    So true! You stated one of the biggest things I’ve realized since becoming a mom. No one really knows what the heck they’re doing; they’re just trying the best they can. Sometimes I look around and I am in awe that this… this is my life. And it’s so much harder and so much more wonderful than I thought it could’ve ever been. This post is exactly this.

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