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Work It

I’ve been back to work now for three weeks.  Three weeks.  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been that long already.  Granted, that’s really only six days for me because I only work outside of the home…

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Date Night

One toddler, one infant, two dogs, a home,  a farm, one full time job, one part time job, and well — life –means this mama and her man are instituting date night. On one hand I can’t believe it’s taken…

mama style / street vs. country road
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Street vs. Country Road

You know that section on Pinterest under women’s fashion? The one called street style? I’ve been hanging around there when on Pinterest lately and I’ve got to say that I love so much of what I see.  Casual with…

mama style / one crazy topknot
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Crazy Top Knots

Um. Can we all just agree that I’m rocking one ca-razy top knot here? Yes? #momlife Last Tuesday I found myself in the most unexpected situation. My mom had offered to go grocery shopping with me and the boys,…

mama style / mixing high + low end pieces
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Mixing High + Low End Pieces

One goal I had in pursuing my year round capsule wardrobe — or my “all seasons” capsule wardrobe as I’m calling it — was to incorporate as many high quality second hand pieces as possible/made sense. Over the past…