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Another Fall Sneak Peek | Black and White “Building Blocks”

A post about black and white basics seems rather dull, right? Except for when you start to think of all the endless layering opportunities that fall brings, plus what a fantastic job they do at serving as a neutral foundation for anything else added to them.

I have purchased for this season/already own 4 out of the 5 pieces featured below. The only one currently left out of the mix is the white button down.  I wouldn’t say I’m on the fence when it comes to knowing whether or not this piece would be essential to a timeless wardrobe — it may be then number one on that list — but I am just running out of money in the budget… Oops.

I personally feel like it’s easy to be bored with these options and overlook their potential to create interesting and fun outfits.  Coming from a girl who adores pattern mixing, I’m hoping it speaks volumes when I say that these pieces are far from plain. Plus, basic does not equal boring.  Instead, think of “basic” as “building block” or “really good use of negative space”.

I’ve included some more specific thoughts about the use of each of these pieces below:
B+W fall sneak peek


Black ankle boots – I hinted in my other fall sneak peek post that I may or may not have bought the same suede ankle boots in black leather. Well, I did. These are perhaps one of the best purchases I’ve made this season. Comfortable, extremely versatile and cute in a moto chic kind of way. There are ridiculous amount of options out there when it comes to black ankle boots so it’s unlikely that you won’t find something that fits your style or price range.

White button down – As far as adding essentials to your closet goes, this one is at the top of almost every list… And yet, it seems so lack-luster. Truly basic and maybe even old lady-ish I used to find it hard to imagine a white button down (or button up if you prefer) a part of any real interesting outfit. I could truly get on bored with how this blog post and blogger described her feelings towards the traditional oxford shirt. Her mind was changed and mine was too.  Plus she gives some killer examples at how to wear it in some very non basic and even adventurous ways.

Black maxi dress –  I do not own this exact maxi dress, but if I didn’t already own the one I have, this would probably be it.  My black maxi was a part of my summer capsule, and I had honestly never even considered carrying it over to my fall capsule prior to this week. A great staple for me this past summer… but fall? These pins are what got me thinking

White tunic tee – I’m mixing and matching both maternity and non maternity pieces into my fall capsule to comfortably (and cutely) accommodate my growing second trimester belly. I learned very quickly the last time around that a really easy to dress “the bump” in a flattering way is with a good long length top — enter, the tunic.  I got this tunic from ASOS in black and also one in white.  I expect they will also be wardrobe workhorses for me this fall as they will pair wonderfully with jeans and leggings (i.e., anything worth wearing while pregnant).

B+W striped t-shirt dress –  I was very excited when I ordered this striped maternity t-shirt dress from Old Navy and, let me say, it did not disappoint.  Anything that you put on that makes your husband pause and say, “You look really good” with a cute genuine smile is a great thing. If you’re simultaneously thinking “comfiest dress ever!” Well this is a rare yet dynamite combination — you’ve hit the jackpot, so cash in. All the things I’ve learned about layering with dresses over this past year (Hmm… future blog post potential?) make me especially excited about this score.


What are some other black and white “building blocks” you’ve added or plan to add to your wardrobe?

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