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Why I Love Wearing My Babies

Why I Love Wearing My Babies Why I Love Wearing My BabiesWhy I Love Wearing My Babies Why I Love Wearing My Babies Why I Love Wearing My Babies Why I Love Wearing My Babies Did you guys know that I’m pretty much obsessed with wearing my kids?

Just take a gander at my Instagram (especially this time last year!) and it’s easy to see that this mama loves her some serious baby wearing. ;)

For both my boys I’ve used the soft wraps and the sturdier structured carrier. I think the wraps are super soft, comfortable and extremely portable (so highly versatile) and work really well for those early days, whereas the structured carriers are perfect for when they get a little more motor control and you’re out and about and baby wearing for extended periods of time.

One problem I’ve identified with having big babies that continue to grow big + fast is that they outgrow the wraps relatively quickly and the structured carriers (while highly supportive!) aren’t the comfiest to wear around the house and don’t easily slip into a diaper bag, etc.

I posted something about this just a few weeks ago on my Facebook and my long time friend Melissa (we can throw it way back to junior high) suggested I try finding a woven sling to provide better support + that easy comfy feel I desired. (Note* You guys, this is one amazing mama that is a wealth of knowledge so if you have a few minutes hop over and visit her blog.)

When Melissa suggested this I immediately thought of Tayler, a mama I’ve followed on Instagram for a little over a year now.  She runs a little shop, called Wildbird, that makes and sells just the type of woven slings Melissa suggested. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to send me this sling for my littlest big guy — I’m happy to say we’re experiencing a new wave of baby wearing around here. :)

I have yet to try it out with Wyatt — I wonder what he would think if I strapped him in there?! Haha!


The list of reasons of why I love wearing my babies is basically endless at this point — ahem, hands free much? But when I boil it down, all of them fit within the framework of the following:


Physical touch is so important for both mom and baby to not only strengthen a bond, but for mental and emotional health as well. What’s more is that these benefits extend beyond you and the baby that you’re wearing: I found that being able to wear Thurser as an infant, etc. allowed me to have both hands to love and hug on Wyatt all of the time — and especially in those moments that he needed it most.  It was important to me to be able to answer the question, “Mommy can you hold me?” With, “Of course Wyatt!” And not, “I can’t right now baby…” I can say without a doubt that baby wearing was a huge factor.


Um, have you heard of these things called chores? Haha! Stuff actually gets done when you have two hands and are super mobile!  The first time you ever wear your baby is one of the most liberating moments ever!  I continue to say: happy baby = happy mama. :)


You can read up on all sorts of benefits that baby wearing brings to the table. Some are: balance, sleeping patterns, strength, emotional well being, intelligence, etc. And not just baby’s!

Wearing my little guys has pretty much always guaranteed inducing sleep as well, so it’s great for when they might be having a hard time: getting down for a nap or bed, teething or maybe feeling a little under the weather.


I love all of the options available. Wraps, slings, carriers — the list goes on. I’m personally happy to have been introduced to the sling because I think it provides perhaps the most versatility. It’s small enough to roll up and put in a diaper bag and easily grows with baby — including my hunka’ hunka’ burnin’ love bubbas. ;)  I’m still adjusting to using it — I haven’t mastered putting it on yet the way I have other carriers — but I find it extremely straightforward and basic to use.  All carriers can be intimidating at first (so can learning to braid your hair! amiright?) But with consistency of use and practice I have found that all of them become second nature.


Last but not least I love baby wearing because it allows for flexibility. We’ve never kept to strict feeding, sleeping, etc. schedules or routines, but every kid has their norm. Baby wearing allows for napping on the go whether your errand-ing, at a family get together, in church or just keeping up with older ones and playing outside. Can I get a #winwin?

I could seriously go on all day, so I’ll stop here. ;)

Do you love baby wearing? How has baby wearing changed your everyday?


This post is in partnership with Wildbird. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Lovely Laura Life possible.

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  • Reply
    Lauren @ Lauren, Etc.
    June 3, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    I’m so jealous of the singleton mommas! Baby wearing with twins was difficult; I had to save it for times when I had help to get them in the carrier. But if I had the patience to spend 15 minutes getting them secured to me, it was so worthwhile to walk around easily with both of them :) But once they hit about 20 lb each, I had to retire the Weego.

    • Reply
      Laura Blanton
      June 3, 2016 at 10:38 pm

      Oh man mama, I can only imagine! Kudos to you for figuring it out! I’ve never seen the weego before, very cool. I have seen mamas double wear slings before because they have the ability to side wear — I’ve always thought that was awesome. :)

  • Reply
    linda Bungey
    June 4, 2016 at 2:18 am

    I continued carrying my boys in to their toddler years by wearing a hipster seat. I really enjoyed being able to carry them and talk at their eye level and be able to put them down as soon as they wanted to explore. I was loaned one from a friend but would recommend these if you have enjoyed using carriers. Wonderful ways to bond with our children.

    • Reply
      Laura Blanton
      June 6, 2016 at 7:13 am

      So awesome! I’d never heard of a hipster seat — pretty nifty! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Reply
    July 29, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Hey Laura, can you try on wild bird slings and purchase them locally? I’m flying in tomorrow to visit my parents with my 2 littles and would love to see how they are. My parents live near you ;)

    • Reply
      Laura Blanton
      August 1, 2016 at 7:21 am

      Unfortunately not! Wildbird is based in Utah and I believe only available for online purchase? I’m sorry! (Also, sorry I didn’t see this until now as well! )

    Leave a Reply to Lauren @ Lauren, Etc. Cancel Reply