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The Tails of Juno and Iri

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a book I shared with you that I gave to Wyatt for his first birthday. I created  The Tails of Juno and Iri with Blurb, a self publishing tool and website.  I wanted to create a book for Wyatt that captured a story about his own doggies, that he could cherish for long time.  I never expected him to love it so much right away!

I used photos that we have collected of Juno and Iri over the past couple of years and edit them in Photoshop to create an illustrated effect.  When I created these illustrated images I was inspired by one of my favorite books as a little kid, Sun Song.

I could not be happier with the results and based on how much Wyatt loves it, I may have to create another “tail” of Juno and Iri for him to enjoy very soon!

Check it out on Blurb’s website, click the preview below:

The Tails of Juno and Iri


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