Meet Another Baby Blanton


Two blue lines.

Really? Alright!

It was a Sunday morning before church. Wyatt and I were up already, getting ready while Nick lay in bed trying to catch just a few more winks of sleep.

I plopped Wyatt down on the bed and crawled in next to my boys. “Nick” I whispered.

“Yeah?” he whispered back, barely slitting his eyes.

“I think I’m ready to have another baby.”

“Mmmkay.” He breathed. He opened his eyes sleepily as he started to roll over and saw a pregnancy test staring him straight in the face. It was positive.

I grinned.



Hugs and kisses all around.


That was Sunday July 13th, 2014.

But our story begins long before that. Long before “yes, I’ll marry you’s” and “forever, I do’s”. And long before buckeyes, ovals, and college acceptance letters. Yes, our story goes all the way back to high school (junior high really…) where a blue-eyed boy and a dark-haired girl not only fell in love and became each other’s best friend, but became each other’s favorite person.

And now it is only fitting that we get to introduce you to our new favorite person. Again. And oh how excited we are to do so!

Baby number 2 announcement with big brother or sis!

When I found out I was pregnant with Wyatt, I was inspired to start writing again. To “document my journey” in the blogosphere.  So I authored the blog Meet Baby Blanton.

That blog (and journey) reawakened the writer in me.  The artist in me. When the blog came to it’s presumed end (the birth of my baby boy) I didn’t want to stop writing.  And from it this blog, The Lovely Laura Life, was born.

Of course now that I’m expecting baby number two, I want to document this journey as well.  And instead of authoring yet another blog, I only think it makes sense to use this blog to tell this baby’s story as well. I hope you enjoy!

Note* This may seem to go without saying… “Uh, duh Laura???”  But understand that the Libra in me must rationalize this unfairness to my future son or daughter who will undoubtedly whine “But Wyatt had his very own blog!” And yes of course they will totally care about this as much as I think they will and no I’m not over thinking everything as I always do. Sheesh.

P.S. We NEVER run out of banana in my house.  Psh.  Rookie mistake.


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