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Summer Wrap Up | Most Worn Items

As I wind up my summer capsule in preparation for fall, I thought it might be a good idea to take glance at my capsule overall and reflect on what worked and what didn’t work for me over the past few months. Today I’ll be sharing my most worn items: items I constantly reached for and were disappointed to learn were in the laundry. And tomorrow I’ll share my least worn items as well as some things that I’ve learned don’t work for me and my closet.

Summer wrap-up most worn items

Gingham button down – Maybe it’s because it’s popular right now, maybe it’s because it’s totally a classic print that oddly works with everything and makes pattern mixing a breeze — but this top is an absolute must in my wardrobe.  I may consider investing in a higher quality version of it sometime down the road simply because this one could really use ironing everytime (which, let’s face it, I don’t do…) and gapes a little at the buttons because of it. BUT this one is totally doing the job in the mean time. I ain’t made of money.

Black tee – This tee proves that spending just a few extra bucks on a well fitting high quality material tee are worth it.  This is the best fitting tee shirt I’ve ever owned.  I went for the boyfriend cut in the black because I liked the relaxed fit and the slight hang that it had.  When I went back to purchase a white one in the same style I learned that they (Pickwick & Weller) was/is on a brief hiatus? Not sure about that one, but I hope they come back soon!

Striped 3/4 length shirt – There are so many versions of this shirt out there it’s almost hard to pick. I got this one from Target and found that it was a great solution to those days where I wanted to feel like I was in a basic t-shirt and jeans but look like I put a little more effort into it. Stripes accomplish this I suppose? The 3/4 sleeve length makes this a pretty versatile piece for both warmer and cooler weather and the slightly longer length and looser fit in the body make it a favorite of mine

DIY Boyfriend jean cut offs – Average length cut off jeans for girls/women just have never suited me.  I’ve spent most of my life feeling uncomfortable in short shorts, wearing “old lady” shorts to try and appease my more modest side or just saying screw it. Lol. Until finally I realized one day that I could create a pair of cut offs from a pair of jeans that fit well and I actually liked at the exact length I wanted! These were, needless to say, on repeat all summer long and will be for years to come.

Lace tank – Call me a hopeless romantic, whatever, I love the feminity and allure that lace brings to a piece and/or outfit. This tank worked overtime because of its unique layering abilities.  Long and loose enough to wear under other pieces to create depth, but also perfect for wearing as a top layer with a basic tank underneath for especially hot days.

Chambray button down – Again, super popular right now — but a total closet staple, and for very classic reasons. Whether pairing with white jeans, dark jeans, shorts, skirts, layering over dresses, you name it — this piece can do it. Period. I thought mine was especially versatile because it had roll tab sleeves — which means I could wear it as a long sleeve top for chillier circumstances or roll the sleeves up and secure them for when it got a little warmer. Perfection.

What were your most worn pieces this summer? How do you plan to transition them for fall?

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    September 26, 2014 at 12:19 am

    Great post! I think a lot of people have similar items they love in their wardrobe – I also have a lace tank, chambray button down and white (rather than black) tee that are my favourite items :) I define key think I should get a striped tee like yours though.

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    September 26, 2014 at 9:50 am

    Oh I love a good round up post! Did you find you had anything you didn’t wear at all? I started mine three weeks ago and with pieces I made a huge mistake on (first attempt) I can’t decide whether they should stay in or whether I could. Swap them? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts! Loved the post, Jess

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      September 26, 2014 at 9:00 pm


      Thanks for your feedback! I finally just finished my “least worn pieces” post (on the blog now!) Personally I don’t think you should feel like you have to stick with anything you know isn’t working. In my opinion, the whole point of a capsule wardrobe is practicality or being pragmatic versus the more commonly acceptable attitudes toward clothes and clothing purchases. Of course I would also get why you might want to stick it out for the sake of principal. I know I actually felt guilty when I broke out my boots and a few other fall pieces because I was freezing my butt off at the beginning of September! I kept thinking “I can’t give in!” Haha. To me those feelings of guilt contradict the overall notion and attitude when adopting a capsule wardrobe: doing what works for you with a minimalist approach. I’ll be curious to find out what you decide works for you! Thanks again, Laura

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    September 26, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    […] fall (post-bump of course) kept me from hacking these off like my jean shorts that made it in my most worn pieces from my summer capsule. There were only a few days that I actually felt comfortable enough to wear these, so I think that […]

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