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Summer Wrap Up | Least Worn Items

As promised, today I am sharing with you my least worn pieces from my summer capsule.  As much as it does good to reflect on what works, it does just as well to reflect on what didn’t work so well either. Fingers crossed I can learn a thing or two this time around as I finalize my fall capsule!

Summer wrap up least worn items

Coral pencil skirt – I find it odd that the two pops of color that I put in my summer capsule made it into my six least worn pieces… Hmm….

This skirt when orginally purchased (two seasons ago) was done so to wear in the fall.  I’m not sure if that has anything to do with why I didn’t reach for this piece over other pieces in my closet, but the fact remains that I did not.  I originally chose this piece to be a part of the “work” section of my summer capsule — and even though that is exactly the occasion that I did pull this from my closet, I think I honestly learned that I need less designated pieces as a part of that section this past season. Hooray! Perhaps I’ll be able to pare down my numbers even more!

Ivory top – This top seems an odd member of this list to me. At first glance it seems to be me in a nutshell: off white in color, bohemien, with a little lace detail.  So what gives? The fit. The fit is all wrong. The width, sleeve length and neckline are all perfect. But the length I think kills it.  I’m not tall per say (5′ 7″), but I think it is my height that leaves this top feeling more like a crop top.Fit definitely matters.

White jeans – I think the only thing that kept these from being a part of the top six versus the bottom six was the fact that they are long pants instead of shorts. The prospect at wearing these come fall (post-bump of course) kept me from hacking these off like my jean shorts that made it in my most worn pieces from my summer capsule. There were only a few days that I actually felt comfortable enough to wear these, so I think that says more about the climate here in the midwest (namely the humidity) than their versatilty.

DIY jean vest – I didn’t wear this piece as much as I thought I would have for any other reason than that I think that it slightly intimidated me. I know, I know. It’s jean. And a vest. Pretty self explanatory right? Well apparently not.  And it wasn’t so much either that I had problems putting together outfits that worked — it was more so that I had problems putting together outfits that really felt like my style. I don’t think that this will keep me from trying new things in my future capsules but it will make me think about how much I allot for experimental pieces in my overall budget.  Luckily this one was a diy’er — a jean jacket I didn’t feel like was getting any love whose sleeves I hacked off — about as cheap as it gets. Nonetheless it is something to consider for future purchases!

Ivory shimmer pencil skirt – I could literally say “ditto” to this piece regarding everything I said about the coral pencil skirt, so…. Ditto.

Coral shift dress – Much like the ivory and coral pencil skirt, this dress made it into my capsule namely as a “wear to work piece.”  I can honestly say that I did not wear it to work once. The cut, fit and length all lend it to be a much more appropriate dinner, or even date night dress than a more modest piece that I would normally wear at the office. Definitely food for thought this time around.

What were your least worn pieces this summer?

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