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Caring for a garden is an interesting thing.

A garden takes a lot of effort.  A decent amount of time, more fussing than you’d think and surprisingly a little bit of worry. At times — amidst all of the other necessities of life — it can seem daunting and a bit like a chore.  Okay, maybe a lot like a chore.

But it’s also the chance to do something that doesn’t immediately get undone (ahem, dishes).  A chance to watch something grow and even flourish.

Because once you set to work — hoeing, weeding, etc. — it’s a little magical.

Yeah yeah, I know. I’m being melodramatic. I got that look from Nick when I told him the same thing.  But I truly think that, for me, gardening is God’s gift of therapy .  A form of meditation.  And an opportunity to get my hands dirty.

I am by no means a “green thumb.”  Among my family it’s actually kind of expected that I will kill any and all plants. Lol.  But I’m learning.

And it’s a good thing too.  Because if this whole #operationblantonfarm thing is ever going to take off, I’ve gotta seriously up my farm wife game. ;)

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