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Moments of Pause + How to Appreciate Unfinished Projects

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Okay, full disclosure here: when I set out to write this post I had every intention of including photos from Wyatt’s yet-to-be-finished ‘big boy’ room. To you know, demonstrate how we can literally have to-do lists + projects staring us down in every room we walk into in our house — but how we can also choose to find joy even in those moments of feeling slightly overwhelmed by pausing for a moment, and actually soaking in the beauty of our surroundings. It’s present everywhere. I promise.

So I suppose it is only fitting that I didn’t get around to getting any photos of us while hanging out in Wyatt’s room enjoying it’s unfinished state this weekend — creating yet another incomplete project.

I tell ya, you just can’t make up this stuff.

I was, however, able to capture a few otherwise ordinary moments at our Sunday lunch with Nick’s parent’s — and to me, they are the perfect illustration of how, if we only take just a moment, we can turn the somewhat routine facets of everyday life into remarkable memories we can hold onto for forever.

And now, this is where I pretend to be waaay smarter than I really am and lay some wisdom on ya… #lovelylauralifeisms #ifyouwill


1. Be intentional.  Not every second, of every minute, of every hour. That’s exhausting. And unrealistic of human nature. But every person is completely capable of living intentionally at least some part of everyday. Whether that be giving a purposeful + meaningful hug to someone, methodically + joyfully planning out a meal plan to nourish your family, randomly screaming and running through the house like a crazy person because you know it will put your toddler into stitches of laughter or whatever fits your [probably less crazy than mine] lifestyle.  You know, just do it.

2. Meditate without all the ‘ohhhmmm-ing’. You don’t have to be in the relaxed sitting position of yoga pressing your index finger together with your thumb, arms gently outstretched at your sides practicing deep centered breathing to be meditating.  At least not in my opinion. Lots of people meditate and would never identify as doing so, but really are at the core of what they are doing + how they are doing it.   Some find the same peace that comes from traditional meditation with a walk/hike in nature.  Others find it in mowing the law, or working the garden.  Still others find it in the calm before they explode and set a new PR on their deadlift.  This list goes on.

3. Get completely lost in at least one ordinary moment everyday.  My example here would be me photographing my 18 month old playing on his tablet. Lol.  Totally magical right? Ha.  Well… kind of, actually.  You see, by allowing myself to get completely lost in this completely uneventful moment… I noticed things.  Things I don’t allow myself to notice everyday.  The profile of his nose, the shape of + how he holds his fingers, the way he always crosses his ankles. His obsession with sticking his butt in the air.  The way his eyes dilate and the fact that I can see his brain neurons ignite with electricity when he studies something — something as simple as a game or video on a tablet while he’s winding down for a nap.

I’m fairly certain I missed other more eventful moments while being lost in this one — important conversations, my nephew who’s already walking at the age of 9 months (!)… But the fact remains that when you allow yourself to be engulfed in a moment as ordinary as the one I have shared, something really awesome happens.  You are at the same time engulfed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to simply be allowed to experience that moment.  And when you have that kind of gratitude, it permeates all areas of your life. It opens your mind and and readys your heart so that you are more willing to see and begin to do what God has laid out there for your life’s work.

And as you might expect, it’s pretty freaking awesome my friends.

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