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Wyatt, 13 Months



height: not sure, 31.3 inches at 12 months…
weight: 24 + lbs
clothing size: 24 months – 2T 
diaper size: 4
shoe size: 5 (we just out grew all our shoes at once, yikes!)


Hangin' out


  • turning the lights on and off
  • anything with a motor
  • looking at pictures of himself
  • reading books
  • listening to music and dancing
  • getting the mail
  • making anything in the Ninja (guacamole, peanut butter, smoothies, etc.)
  • helping
  • brushing his hair
  • brushing his teeth
  • playing outside/going for hikes in the woods
  • Frogs jumping into the pond


  • Still dislikes diaper changes
  • Sunglasses on his face
  • being in his high chair a moment too long
those eyes


flame helmet


Weight: 24 lbs+

Height: 31.3 + inches

Head: 48 cm

Clothing size: 24 months – 2T (depends on brand or clothing type)

Teeth: 6 total (4 top front, 2 bottom front, and working hard on some more)

He’s understanding so much conceptually. He learned to say and sign “all done” when he is finished eating awhile ago — but more recently he’s learned to transfer this into other areas of life. Like if he’s upset and “done” with a certain situation he’ll start to say (quite pitifully I might add) “all done, all done, all done”.

The same goes for the word hot.  He’s never actually touched something hot, but I warn him of things that are. And when he touches things that are warm we reinforce that they are “hot” to show caution.  He’s associated this word with extreme temperatures so now when he touches something that is cold or feels a cold breeze, he will also so “hot”.  *Note: whenever he says the word “hot” it is like a breathy whisper with much emphasis on the “H”.  HHhhhawt!

It amazes me not only that he repeats words that you say, but how once he’s learned a word he will identify it in any situation.  A picture of a baby as the clothing store, the eyes on stuffed animal, looking for belly button on grandpa.

Interestingly enough, he seems to be starting to have a little separation anxiety when I drop him off before I have to go to work in the mornings.  We’ve never had any tears prior to this month.  It’s an early drop off and he’s usually still very sleepy, so we think that may be the reason for it.  I’m usually the only person he wants when he’s tired.  Still, tears don’t make it any easier to leave!

Naps on the couch

Future college roomies



Still usually Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Really showing signs of loving water, garden hoses, spray bottles, etc.   He gets so excited when I start running the bath water and loves to stand by the tub and watch it fill.  If I forget to grab something like a diaper or his pajamas before he gets in the bath and have to run to his room, he gets so mad because I have to take him with me.



Naps: Still sometimes two, but usually just one long one in the afternoon around lunch.

Night time: He is still co-sleeping.  I imagine we’ll make the transition to his own room and bed when it’s time for a big boy bed.  Still sleeping great through the night.  More like 8-9 hours a night this month.

He hasn’t nursed to fall asleep at night for awhile now and while I know this should be considered a good thing… some nights I wish differently. Haha. He takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes(!) to fall asleep at night sometimes.


This kid would have no problem walking on his own at this point, we’ve even tricked him into taking several steps on his own, but he really just wants to hold your hand! He walks really fast when holding onto both of your hands but walks great when holding onto one hand. His furniture surfing is getting even more daring and he stands for great lengths of time now.

I’m sure he’ll be walking soon, and Lord help me when he does. Because when I say walking I really mean running.


In the past month, Wyatt’s vocabulary has EXPLODED.  He will pretty much try and say any word you say, and is usually very well articulated — so needless to say its pretty hard to keep track. But, these are the new words that I was able to document this month and words he says quite regularly:

off, on, eyes, nose, cheek, ear, mouth, toes, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry (all the berries sound the same), oatmeal, tassel, alright, okay, belly button, puppy, spoon, baby, hot, ouch, honey, diaper, book, up

Common words/phrases: mama, dada, uh-oh, open, banana, tractor, belly button, all done, down, hi, bye-bye, night night, puppy, baby, hot, eye

 Say tractor
Puppy love

Meals: 3 meals, 3 snacks.  This month, this kid became an EATER!  As I’ve mentioned before, he’s never been picky, just never eaten very much at all.  That sure has changed! Not only does he eat everything but he seems to want a ton of it.

Favorite foods: cherries and dried cherries, grapes, raisins, cheese, bananas and dried bananas, chicken, any smoothie with banana in it, almond butter, cheddar bunnies, avacado, peas and he’ll pretty much eat any veggie you offer

Tractors and bowties



Pearls and superheros


Down to 3 times a day. And he’s drinking cow’s milk!  One morning that I was drinking milk with my breakfast he kept asking for some, so I let him try some straight (having tried this before).  He wanted more and more! He now drinks about 6 oz of cows milk at every meal and either milk or water with snacks. He nurses in the morning after breakfast, before his afternoon nap and sometime before bed. As I noted last month, I suspect this pattern will continue over the next few months until I’m able to just offer cow’s milk, etc. and he’s okay with not nursing anymore.



a boy and his truckChipotle dates


I’m learning to be patient, persistent, consistent and not to laugh when he does something bad that I at first think is funny. It’s hard, but I’m also learning to be more disciplined with him.  Identifying which situations to be more stern and which ones only require a quite whisper of a reminder.

Each day I love being mama more and more.

Matchbox cars

A boy's love of tractorsPLAYING

Among his favorites are:

  • Climbing
  • Chasing the dogs
  • Being chased by the dogs
  • Giving kisses
  • Stacking blocks
  • Fake laughing (when one or a group of people laugh), and likes making others laugh — honestly a complete ham
  • Riding the lawn mower
  • Toy cars
  • Dancing
  • Baby dolls

He loves interacting with other kids, especially babies. He always wants to give kisses or gently pat them — just like he does with his baby doll.


Strawberries grapes and belly buttons


You are proving to be a free and passionate spirit. You know what you want (usually) and always seem to have the determination to see it through. You are fun and crazy and goofy as all get out.  Your warmth and tenderness never seem to un-impress me. And your love for the outdoors and for animals makes me see myself in you (although Dad also says the goofy part is all me too). You’re my buddy, my pal and my bubby. I love you and I can’t wait to get to know you even more.



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