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My First Wedding Cake

So… these photos have been in my possession for awhile now but it really only occurred to me last week that I have yet to share them! My sister and, now, brother-in-law (the beautiful couple featured in the below photos!) entrusted me with making their wedding cake for their wedding this past October.  I was thrilled, yet extremely nervous because it would be my first wedding cake ever.  I really didn’t want to screw it up!

The wedding took place in London, Ohio at a unique and quaint venue called White Star Farm. Picture a little red barn surrounded by agricultural fields  and nestled up to a big old white farmhouse.  Rustic touches paired with elegant classics and little splashes of whimsy best describes the ambiance of their wonderfully casual outdoor wedding and reception. Mismatched jars, barn beams, twinkle lights, wine barrels and ivory linens were just small bits of the beauty that was seen their that day.

My sister and brother-in-law chose a festive pumpkin spice cake with maple buttercream frosting for the bottom tier. And for the top tier a torted chocolate and strawberry cake with vanilla frosting … very Neapolitan, no? (Sidenote: neapolitan ice cream was a favorite of both my sister and myself growing up).

I was pleased with the final product, and more importantly so were they!

Thanks to 808 Studios for the wonderful photography.808_STUDIOS_583_9641 808_STUDIOS_656_9948 808_STUDIOS_590_9661 808_STUDIOS_655_9946 808_STUDIOS_585_1619 808_STUDIOS_654_9943 808_STUDIOS_591_9665








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