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The Forgotten Dress + Advice

bump style / the forgotten dress

bump style / the forgotten dressbump style / the forgotten dressbump style / the forgotten dressbump style / the forgotten dressYesterday I opened up a little bit about some of the things that have been on my mind these last few weeks of pregnancy.  I let myself be a little vulnerable in expressing a few of the worries that seemed to keep seeping into my mind — both in the blog world and with people in the real world.  In doing so I realized the absolute truth in a simple piece of advice that a very close friend of mine gave me at the beginning of this pregnancy as I studied and learned about natural child birth:

If you are feeling scared or defeated or some other negative emotion– SAY IT! Free it! Ask yourself if it’s killing you to feel scared? Typically, the answer is no.  So give yourself permission to feel it and 100% of the time, it will just lessen.  Many times, we are so afraid of the stories we tell ourselves about feeling emotions that we just try to avoid it all together.  Like, “I’m a strong woman! I’m doing this naturally! I can’t feel afraid! I’m not supposed to feel down! I’ll lose whatever power I have left!” when the reality is that it’s OKAY to feel it– we all did/ do.  By engaging these negative emotions, we are TRULY exercising our power.  We are surrendering their hold on us and freeing ourselves from their burden.  It’s so counter intuitive from what we’re taught about being in control and being tough.

I’m happy to say I’ve freed myself.  :)

I’ve never felt more confident about my body, my emotions, my self  — as I have throughout pregnancy + motherhood. (Of course there were the baby blues to navigate through for a few weeks — but that was just crazy hormones getting all settled back in and what not…)  It’s been an amazing journey and has literally rocked my world in the best way possible.

Simply exercising this advice yesterday, being reminded of this quote and this quote — and I felt like I was in a totally different state of mind. And I am forever grateful.

So how does this outfit tie into this post at all? It’s the forgotten dress (much like the piece of advice) I’ve had with me all along.  I broke it out over the weekend and forgot how awesome it rocks a 39 week torpedo of a belly.  ;)

Oh! And if you love the advice I quoted above as much as I do and find yourself re-reading it, the amazing woman and mama that shared it with me has a blog of her own, Heartfelt Hemphill, if you want more awesomeness thrown your way. ;)

Dress: Old Navy (sold out) similar and similar

Cardigan: Forever21 (sold out) similar and similar

Leggings: H&M

Shoes: DSW, and similar (new purchase for my all seasons capsule — update soon!)

Bag: Nordstrom


Watch: Michael Kors


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    March 10, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    FREEEEEDOM!! :) so happy for you! Can’t wait to meet baby B2!

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