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5 Friday Revelations

5 friday revelations

5 friday revelations

1. Tomorrow marks the fact that we only have 4 weeks left until Thurser is due…!!! And yet again I feel like I’m left wondering: I thought everyone said the last 10 weeks or so were supposed to ‘drag’…?!

2. I am officially addicted to thrifting on eBay after scoring this white button down from Anthropologie for $26.99 [insert all the emojis here]

3. Building a year round capsule or “all seasons” capsule wardrobe is freaking tough stuff. I’m finding it requires even more will power [in my opinion] than limiting capsule creations + purchases to 4 times a year…  And I like it :)

4. I recently took up reading my horoscope again [just for fun guys] and as a result have had a few heart to hearts with myself about how vain + materialistic I can still be sometimes. I’m forever humbled and grateful that God has laid it on my heart to live a natural lifestyle and to pursue this capsule wardrobe thing steadfast — he’s helping me face my weaknesses and pursue my strengths. Every. Single. Day.

5. Nick and I never make  big plans for Valentine’s day. There was this one time we did the Valentine’s reservation dinner at White Castle (boy was that a different time)… but I think most of the time he and I feel more comfortable + loved + connected when we do things according to our own schedule, you know, and not Hallmark’s? But you better believe we will be doing our own thing, while eating chocolate ;)

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