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Three Ingredients to Make Any Basic + Minimal Outfit Sing

3 essential elements to make any basic + minimal outfit sing Three essential elements to make any basic + minimal outfit sing Three essential elements to make any basic + minimal outfit singWaking up to temperatures of 16 degrees fahrenheit have me all  “what’s up with all these ‘how to wear socks right when wearing boots’ discussions?”  You may have seen similar tips on Pinterest.  This type of sock with this kind of boot, this kind of pant roll with this kind of sock, etc.  Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to wear multiple pairs at one time. I managed to figure out how to wear two pair this morning to keep my toes toasty. Yeah.  This midwest cold weather ain’t no joke. My thoughts?  #wearallthesocks

*Hint: size up half a size when buying boots — let’s you room to have room with extra thick socks. Earth shattering… I know.

On a similar note, these temps also have me wearing my trusty parka and only my trusty parka, er, maybe even while inside…

So how does one keep from basic + minimal outfits becoming boring when you have certain items on repeat? How do you really make them, you know, sing? I’m no real expert, but I’ve decided to pick a part this minimal outfit and reflect on what makes it work.  Here are my thoughts:

1. Variations in texture across pieces.  Adding texture to an outfit simultaneously adds depth to an outfit.  Depth adds interest — always.  Here the variations amongst texture include: the smoothness of the parka, the fuzziness of the faux fur rim, the softness + warmth of flannel, and the suede on my ankle boots.

2. Subtle pattern and/or subtle pattern play. There is no pattern play in this outfit, although I do love a good print mixing outfit, but a simple plaid flannel pattern does add some interest to when creating a minimal outfit that works. Classic prints like the polka dot, stripes and animal prints work seamlessly to attain a similar result.

3. Contrasting color. Color contrast can be utilized in a couple different ways — both present in this outfit.  I’ve made use of color wheel contrast by incorporating an army green along side my red flannel. Bam. Contrasting colors always create energy — even while wearing them.  But color contrast can also be put to good use by way of pairing light and dark. In the case of my ankle boots, I have opted to wear a lighter neutral, as opposed to a dark brown or black, so that they pop against my dark skinnies. You could achieve the same goal by pairing dark boots with a lighter wash jean.

And that’s all she wrote!

P.S. This is me retiring my beloved plaid flannel… My bump is daring to peek out the bottom of it now, as opposed to when this picture was taken. I’m honestly probably  a little too sad about it — but you know,  I’ll cope.

Photos by headsupphotography

Coat: American Eagle, old + thrifted on eBay (similar here)

Top: ModCloth

Bottoms: Gap

Shoes: Kohl’s, old (similar here)

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