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My All Seasons Capsule Wardrobe | Fall 2015

As I began to take stock of my wardrobe and prepare my all seasons capsule update for this fall I realized something — by and large not a whole lot is changing anymore.  I think I realized this the last time I compiled + created the image for my summer capsule update.  It was almost an exact copy of my spring capsule update.

This is exciting for me.  But also, I wonder if this particular process of sharing isn’t becoming a little redundant? So I’ve decided to continue sharing with you what’s currently in my closet in a new way.  Sometime next week and I will launch the  ‘In my closet’ section under the ‘Things I’m Lovin’ tab up above in the main site navigation. I will have actual images of the items in my closet and will periodically update these images with links to items similar to them.  I will also keep the images themselves updated should pieces get swapped in and out. Awesome, right?

And as far as my capsule wardrobe updates? Well they’ll look more like this post does.  I’ll share with you my ‘picks’: the few new or new-to-me additions to my wardrobe for the upcoming season (UPDATE: or already owned pieces I think deserve a spotlight).  Neat-o!

Metallic statement heel I have been eyeballing something like this for months and months now. I’ve never been much of a fan of any animal print: leopard, cheetah, snake or the like.  I think they are all a little too wild for me. I dunno, they just don’t feel like me.  I like to add a lot of texture, print + shine to add variety and dimension to my wardrobe so when I found these pair of Dorothy Perkins metallic heels at the thrift store — brand freaking new(!) — I was all kinds of excited. Well hello there.

*Note (I managed to find a photo of the exact pair I own online, but not a link to them :( So I’ve linked to a similar pair instead.)

Denim shirt dress This is a piece I’ve had on my master list for awhile as well. I happened upon it while at Target one day. What’s hashtag again? Oh yeah, targetdoesitagain. It came with a belt but I doubt I’ll wear it with the dress.  I like the super relaxed, slightly over sized (I sized up for length and loose-ness) fit. This is honestly the most postpartum + nursing friendly dress ever to exist.

Black sandal These were an unexpected although a very welcome addition that happened late summer.  My mom bought these for me not as an early birthday present, but as an “I just really love you” present. Spoiled much? They have been on repeat since then and I will have a hard time putting them away when cold weather comes a knockin’.  Socks and sandals anyone? 

LBD This was the most unexpected thrifting score for me — quite possibly my best yet or ever.  I’ve been on the hunt now for awhile a dress that is: modest yet sexy, fitted but flowy, and something that I could wear to a funeral or a cocktail party — or anything in between.   Totally realistic, right? ;)   Couldn’t link to the exact dress I found here because it’s an older Banana Republic dress, but after a little bit of scouring, this dress is darn close!

Black rainboot Despite rain boots being oh so very trendy these days, they’re obviously one of the most practical pairs of footwear one can own. Right? And, I live on a farm folks. I haven’t procured a pair of my own yet. But these are the ones I’ve been eyeballing.

Navy blazer You know all that chatter about buying pieces that fit really well? Yep, I’m a believer.  I’ve always had issues with buying tops and jackets because I have really broad shoulders.  So stuff is always too tight when I go to extend my arms, but fits well in the arms and body OR fits great throughout the shoulders but then is too loose in the arms and body. :( I finally found a great unstructured blazer that FITS. Hallelujah!  It dresses up and down superbly, is flow-y enough to feel soft and feminine with just enough structure to wear for the office (which I’m still at twice a week.)  Honestly though? The real reason I love it is because it’s more like wearing fancy pajamas. :)  Score.

Don’t you just love fall?!

P.S. Have you guys seen the #everdaymadewell contest going on right now? Yeah… I may or may not have gone through and identified all of the pieces I would get if I won to “finish out” my year round wardrobe… Haha. If your interested to see what I chose you can check them all out right below:

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    September 24, 2015 at 3:55 am

    I love your blog! I’m just starting to create my capsule wardrobe (after reading about Project 333 online). I have read a few of your posts on your capsules (found via Pinterest), and I like how you break things down. I feel sheerly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have, but I really do only wear the same pieces over and over. I hope I can whittle it all down. My goal is 33 pieces per season!

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      September 24, 2015 at 12:37 pm

      Thank you Andrea! It’s comments like yours that keep me going and at this whole blogging thing :) I continue to read Project 333 posts and find them very inspirational as well. Just keep in mind that in the end a number is just a number and if you find that 30 works better, or 42 does instead? Change it! I feel like I got hung up on the ‘rules’for a long time and it kept me from fully embracing the spirit behind the whole thing as fully as I could have. Albeit, I’m still a work in progress and imagine I always will be. ;)

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