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Transitioning a Winter Capsule to Spring

bump style / transitioning a winter capsule to spring

bump style / transitioning a winter capsule to spring bump style / transitioning a winter capsule to spring bump style / transitioning a winter capsule to spring bump style / transitioning a winter capsule to spring

I’ve been wearing my winter capsule wardrobe now since the beginning of December.  After I decided to pursue a year round capsule wardrobe — what I’m calling my ‘all seasons capsule’ — I realized that the originally set time frame (beginning in March) for my new capsule would be seeing a slight push back and lot of overlap in seasonal items to say the least.  [You should expect my first all seasons capsule post + spring update next week!]

I’ve still relied heavily on my winter capsule, but have slowly started mixing in some warmer weather pieces from storage + new items [that I’ve purchased over the past month in an effort to “fill the gaps” remaining in my overall closet] as the weather shows signs that spring is indeed on its way.

This week we saw, for lack of better terms, a “heat wave” and temps have been in the high 50’s and even low 60’s! Quite impressive considering we had a record snowfall just last week… Ahem. #ohio

Surprisingly enough, all the pieces I’m wearing here: the cardigan, the tee, the jeans and the shoes are all from my winter capsule. Talk about capsule wardrobe magic…!

Because I don’t include accessories into my capsules I find them excellent outlets in which to change the vibe of an entire ensemble.  If I had paired this outfit with say my black beanie or even my grey beanie… I feel like this outfit would scream winter.  But because I decided to dig out my white baseball cap, I’ve not only made it a little sporty, but I’ve breathed spring [and all it’s hope] right into it.

Another tiny detail that I think has this combo leaning toward spring vs. winter is the fact that I’ve cuffed my jeans so that my ankles show — something I certainly would have never done last week!

My only qualm I have about this whole array is that I was a little short sighted in thinking “this tee will totally fit my 39 week 6 day bump…”  #cueforheadsmack  I should have known from last time around that even maternity tees can’t reckon with my torpedo shaped prego bellies ;) [Which I am insanely proud of in case you’re wondering!] Currently, I’m quite the fan of the tunic.

I am pumped, however, for this tee come postpartum.  It will have the most wonderful drapey qualities and I expect it will be on repeat all spring [and summer] long.

Now. With my due date being slated as tomorrow I’m sure you’re wondering: is this the last of the bump? Or will you be seeing him again next week…?   [Cue dramatic music] DUN DUN dunnnnnnn…

I suppose only time will tell. :)

Looking to build a maternity friendly capsule wardrobe yourself? Check out these 5 tips.

Top: Gap (thrifted) similar

Bottoms: Gap (old) similar

Sweater: Anthropologie (thrifted) similar and similar

Shoes: (old) similar and similar

Hat: Target

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