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Chicken Almond Cranberry Poppyseed Salad

Figuring out a quick nutritious meal when you’re pressed for time can be tricky. Figuring out a quick nutritious meal when you’re pressed for time and you’re baby is demanding your attention (smiles or screams) and you’re trying your hardest just to get back to work — can be darn right impossible. But I found one!

Inspired by a favorite salad combo of mine, I lately find myself falling back on this delightful concoction of chicken, spinach, craisins, almonds and poppyseed dressing. It’s easy to grill the chicken ahead of time (when you already have the chicken thawed, and George Foreman hot for dinner). I just throw on a few extra chicken tenderloins (I usually buy Simple Truth, from Kroger) when we’re grilling up, let them cool down while we’re eating our dinner for that night and then toss them in some glass containers for easy access for lunch throughout the week.

When lunch time rolls around — or when its 2:30 and I realize I still haven’t eaten lunch yet –I throw some spinach, almonds and craisins in a bowl and top them off with my grilled chicken tenderloins and, my favorite, poppyseed dressing. It’s all easy and really fast because the almonds and craisins are sitting in a bag in my pantry, and the dressing in my fridge. Very little prep for a whole lot of nutritious lunch.

It can be very frustrating to try and eat, let a lone eat well with two full time jobs staring one in the face. So believe it or not, its a huge pick me up in the middle of a day when I can say that I ate a good lunch. If nothing else, I can count it as a success — and I feel better physically too! Not to mention my little guy reaps the benefits since I’m nursing…

Do you have a favorite quick and healthy go to meal? What other things do you try and do to make multi-tasking (with or without and infant) easier?

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