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Wyatt, 20 Months

wyatt 20 months


clothing size: 2T-3T
diaper size: 5
shoe size: 7
teeth: 16


Third ear infection and 4th round of antibiotics of his life — a trip to children’s urgent care for possible UTI? (negative) Ear infection? (positive) after the first night you were visibly distraught with some sort of pain…. [so many sad faces…] BUT, we saved you from a catheter crazed doctor + gained confidence in our decision making abilities as parents. [fist bumps all around — except for that doctor]


Total daddy’s boy

But still wants mama over anything when it comes to sleeping at night :)

Likes to sleep skin to skin with daddy

Dino slippers still bring a ridiculous grin to his face

Proficient at using a fork — still struggles a little with things like eggs, spaghetti, etc. that want to flop off of the fork, but remains frustrated by a spoon because he wants to use it like a fork when putting items into his mouth and of course it falls right off

When doing a puzzle, like his shapes puzzle, he will start to put the shape in the correct place, pause, then put it in an incorrect place shake his head saying “no, no, no”… smile wait for you to say “noo that’s not it” and then put it back in the right place [such a goofball]

How he always say’s “no” in threes

Figured out a spoon!


Clothing size: 2T — 3T

Teeth:  16 total  (8 top + 8 bottom) — only one more set of molars to go!



2-3 times a week.  He’s back on the wave of not being keen on baths… Twice I let him get in with too cold of feet and even though the water is never warmer than luke warm I think it still left his little toes in pain based on this initial reaction. :(  Although I’m making sure his toes are actually quite toasty before getting in his bath now, he still takes a lot of prompting and convincing to get in.  And then is totally ready to get out!

I think we both look forward to warmer weather…


Great at brushing his teeth!  Hasn’t resisted even once this month — he even comes running when I say its time to brush his teeth, lol. He also likes to brush my teeth for me. Likes to brush his hair with my hair brush and still enjoys fishing through his little toiletry bag while I cut his finger + toenails .


Still horrible sleep with him being in his own room. I went a whole week without seeing more than 2 hours pass on clock before I was up again — REM is no joke people.  We actually just decided last night to try and “reset” him.  Nick was out of town all week and I let Wyatt sleep with me in bed, desperate to get some sleep, and the kid did awesome.  With our new arrival set to show really anytime now, we’ve decided to switch things up again and let Wyatt back into bed with us — maintaining that wherever he starts the night, he finishes the night.  We all need some good sleep before  a newborn comes to town! We’ll see how this newest experiment with getting Wyatt secure and sleeping good through the night pans out ;)

  • Bedtime: 8-10pm
  • Night sleep: 10-12 hours total — much broken sleep though
  • Morning wake time: 7-9am
  • Nap time: usually 1-3pm
  • Nap duration: 2-3 hours, and then sometimes you’ll get the random 30 mins – 1 hour deal


Favorite foods: grapes, raisins, bananas, eggs, almond butter, peanut butter, Ezekiel toast, chia seeds, granola, oatmeal, sweet potato fries, chicken + ketchup, all beef hot dogs + ketchup, popcorn, salsa + tortilla chips, pasta, veggie pizza, oranges, blueberries, smoothies

Favorite books: Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site, Harry the Dirty Dog, The Cat and the Hat, 10 Tiny Puppies

Favorite color: Orange definitely — and maybe intrigued by purple as of late

Favorite TV shows: Bolt, Super Why, Veggie Tales, Thomas and Friends, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train a Dragon, Arthur and Pokeman (Daddy + Wyatt show)

Favorite activities: Playing outside, painting, being chased by the dogs, playing with the dogs + trying to wrestle with them (they are so darn good), reading books, identifying shapes, animals + colors, “helping” daddy load the fire, puzzles, baby app games, toy cars, stacking/building, cooking in the kitchen, helping with any household chores

New words and phrases: Identifying everything. Talking like crazy and will repeat a word until you confirm for him what it is.

Can correctly identify: circle, oval, square (although sometimes still calls this one circle?) diamond, rectangle, heart, star and triangle. Working on colors.  Seems to have red and blue down — and wants to call everything else “purple”.  I think he just likes the way it sounds. ;)

Signs: milk, more, please (which is the same as more), drink, eat, potty, play



I feel like I correct you constantly when it comes to the dogs.  You can be so rough with them! But it’s easy to see your love of animals.  You have a unique intuition when it comes to people and emotion and already genuinely care for mine and your dad’s well being.  When you, out of absolutely nowhere, run to me and gently cup my face between your hands touching your nose to mine and say softly + with great joy “mama!” I feel my heart explode. You are the best freaking kid.  And the fact that just yesterday you found yourself completely content to play in your room by yourself with the dogs while I folded laundry down the hall reminded me just how fast this is all going to go down.  You’ve allowed me the opportunity to grow so much as a person since you’ve been born it’s honestly unreal.  I want to be so much more like you: the way you play, the desire you have to laugh and smile, the way you have to know just how everything works, the way you bounce back from everything,  the way you just want a hug and to love and be loved on. You’ve brought an infinite amount of joy to your dad’s and my life.  Oh and you rock.  You rock so hard.



*Most photos are from my Instagram @lovelylauralife

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    February 20, 2015 at 9:18 am

    You poor thing, ear infections are no joke! Just curious, do you give your son milk and dairy? Most ear infections are linked to a dairy intolerance or allergy. As you may see, allergies are practically my middle name due to my son. Here is some more info from my local naturopath:

  • Reply
    February 20, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    The sleep thing is no joke. I had to give up on the crib for my daughter and now she still sleeps in our bed 3.5 years later…along with our 1-year-old son! Argh. No idea how to get them into their own beds!!

    Hope Wyatt grows out of his ear infections! My son was sick constantly for a few months this fall and we thought we would have to go the route of ENT, but thankfully he seems to have kicked it.

    • Reply
      February 20, 2015 at 4:17 pm

      He had a mild one when he was six months old but the other two have been recent. Unfortunately I think they may have just been a by-product of our family being more sick this winter than most… Uck. He kicked it fast and I’m confident that our immune systems are back to where they were last winter ;) And all I can say is that thankfully co-sleeping is an option for us! I would much rather have him (and us) get solid sleep because he feels secure with than try and force anything on him before he’s ready. I don’t mind it at all really, because I know these days are short. It has got us talking about buying a bigger bed though! Lol.

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