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Why Less Clothes in Your Closet Means More Clothes in Your Closet

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We’ve all heard it before, right? Less is more.  But does this popular adage hold true in regards to your wardrobe?

Yes. Oh my gosh yes.

I’ve recently been asked a handful of times by those interested in starting a capsule wardrobe this very question:

Now that you’ve started to simplify your wardrobe, do you find that you’re more satisfied with your current clothes therefore you feel less compelled to shop?

My answer? Most definitely.

Because I’ve simplified my closet to the point where I love everything I have, I actually want to wear everything I have.  Not shopping except for 4 times a year (during seasonal changes) allows you to actually plan a wardrobe — and by wardrobe I don’t mean clothes you have in your closet, but a cohesive set of clothes that embody a style and work together on many levels.

By planning an entire wardrobe out in the beginning it just works out that everything works together. So really even though you have less clothes in quantity, you have more to work with when it comes to wearing clothes you love, clothes that embody your style and that work together making each outfit look purposeful and “pulled together”.  Personally, I also love seeing the extra space in my closet as well! I find it more visually appealing and like it showcases the clothes I do have.

Now I’m a planner by nature, so I guess I may be biased in saying this, but the planning part that this whole capsule wardrobe thing requires is where the magic happens. It’s what actually allows you to achieve the cohesive wardrobe I just mentioned. I basically window shop for three months scheming my next season’s wardrobe (usually pinning stuff to my wishlist on Pinterest — actually helping with the visualization process as well). Then when it comes time to start purchasing new items for the next capsule, it’s really just fine tuning. There are plenty of other perks that come along with the planning portion — like saving money — but that’s another post for another day.

I have yet to use the UnFancy wardrobe planner, but my understanding is it’s a great tool.  I prefer to pin all clothing choices (new and existing) to a Pinterest board (secret or otherwise) so I can see all my selections alongside one another. This visualization process allows you to actually see your wardrobe before it’s really yours.  There is usually a tone that permeates and inspires the entire thing —  making it easier to identify what doesn’t belong or what’s missing. (Again, totally worthy of an entire blog post by itself. Cue wheels turning)

Having headed down this road I feel like the minimalist mindset has pervaded my life. I suddenly feel the need to get rid of everything. Haha. BUT, since I don’t include things like scarves in my capsule wardrobe if I’m out and about and find a one of kind one at a boutique or a handmade one at an arts & crafts festival that I’m particularly in love with, I don’t hesitate to get it. Overall, however, I feel way less compelled to shop. It’s fantastic. 

Jacket: old Forever 21, similar

Top: Modcloth — back in stock!

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Gap

Bag: Target

Watch: Michael Kors

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    This is going to sound obnoxious, but you are adorable!! Just started reading your blog and I love it. Also, love your hair! From one mama to another.

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