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Web Gems / No. 2

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Two weeks ago I posted my first “web gems” post.  This week I’ve continued what will hopefully be a Friday tradtion (happy Friday by the way!) So here are some my favorite items on the internet as of late.

  1. Here’s three great tips I found on perfect pattern mixing. Working on a post for next week on how I put these to use!
  2. The Best (and Quickest) Ways to Thaw Frozen Food, none of which violated anything I learned in my food science class from my sophomore year in college.
  3. This article right here identifies some of the list of many reasons why we buy organic and are working on growing and raising the rest of our food.
  4. This little girl dress pattern made me want to hurry up and have another baby and cross my fingers for a girl next time!
  5. For someone who is both blind as a bat and has a love of photography, this video was really cool to watch.
  6. Now I have some super sweet ideas to pass along to my sister about how to make use of the wine barrels she has left over from her wedding decor!
  7. This post, Why It Really Matters What You Eat, is a real thought provoker.
  8. So pumped to have been introduced to this website that allows you to find local food and farmers no matter where you live.

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