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    Dressing a Postpartum Body / Own It Mama

    Today’s post continues my dressing a postpartum body series that I started several weeks ago. I’ve been letting this one simmer in my brain for a long while now — trying…

  • bump style / the forgotten dress

    The Forgotten Dress + Advice

    Yesterday I opened up a little bit about some of the things that have been on my mind these last few weeks of pregnancy.  I let myself be a little vulnerable…

  • bump style / my other winter uniform

    My Other Winter Uniform

    On Tuesday I shared with you my winter uniform. Well, this my other winter uniform… I know. I’m being really inspirational here aren’t I? But isn’t it kind of a little…

  • bump style / my winter uniform

    My Winter Uniform

    Remember when I complained about how sick I was of the cold and how hard it was to take photos inside with there being only one short hour window of good…