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Street vs. Country Road

mama style / street vs. country road

mama style / street vs. country roadmama style / street vs. country roadYou know that section on Pinterest under women’s fashion? The one called street style? I’ve been hanging around there when on Pinterest lately and I’ve got to say that I love so much of what I see.  Casual with a little bit of edge.  Everyone keeps saying that the 90’s are back,  and I honestly couldn’t care what decade some of these trends are from because they make me feel so at home.  You know?

But if i’m being perfectly honest I’m not wearing much (ahem, any) high fashion street style around these parts.  Nope.  I’m more like country road style

Haha! It’s okay if you laughed.  So long as you didn’t roll your eyes like my better half did when I shared this realization.

But it’s true. Our lives get more country through and through around here with every day that passes by.  So while I have plenty of inspiration floating around in my head of street style I could re-imagine and share with you, I prefer to remain authentic and share with you my current “running-after-a-toddler-while-nursing-an-infant-and-forgetting-to-let-the-chickens-out-again” style.  With maybe a few street style undertones ;) I think if I added a moto jacket (still on my wishlist!) and maybe traded out my slip ons for some chelsea boots I’d breathe a little edge into this outfit.

Speaking of chickens, tomorrow I’ll finally be sharing with you a long over due Operation Blanton Farm update: compliments of our fine feathered friends.  It’s been a lot of style talk around here lately and I’m looking to get back to a good mix of things. :)

Thoughts on the 90’s trends?

Hat: Target

Top: Old Navy old + refashioned, similar here

Bottoms: Old Navy thrifted, similar here

Shoes: DSW, similar here

Bag: Nordstrom

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    Andrea Hartman
    May 27, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    I can relate on so many levels! Chasing my brood keeps me ever-casual. I think I am on a constant quest to find the perfect mom-style meets street-style, or something like that. An awesome leather moto jacket would definitely be a dream come true. As for the 90’s, I love that they’re “back.” Gimme Birks for days… maybe even a scrunchie..

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