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    10 x 10 Spring Challenge: Looks

    Last week I dove, head first, into a mini capsule challenge of sorts — Lee’s 10 x 10 Spring Challenge.  The goal being simply to choose 10 pieces and then create…

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    Not Another Winter Uniform

    I’ve written about ‘uniforms’ before.  More specifically, I’ve written about my winter uniforms before (here and here) — so when Caroline from Un-fancy recently shared thoughts on  her latest winter uniform…

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    Dressing a Postpartum Body / Own It Mama

    Today’s post continues my dressing a postpartum body series that I started several weeks ago. I’ve been letting this one simmer in my brain for a long while now — trying…

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    Work It

    I’ve been back to work now for three weeks.  Three weeks.  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly have been that long already.  Granted, that’s really only six days for me…