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  • Fresh fruit + kefir + cake = breakfast of champions ;)
    Food + Recipes

    The Infamous “Love Cake”

    Three things real quick: 1. The fact that there is literally only a 1 hour window of good light to get decent capsule wardrobe outfit photos inside my house + that it’s…

  • bbq brussel sprout pizza via a beautiful mess
    Food + Recipes

    BBQ + Brussels Sprout Pizza

    In our house, homemade pizza is not only a weekly staple it’s kind of well, become our thing. Okay. Maybe one of our things. And while I find the way we…

  • Pumpkin maple pecan granola
    Food + Recipes

    Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola

    Last week I posted yet another picture of my breakfast on my Instagram.  Yawn. I know, I know… what can I say? I love food.  Especially when I can make said…

  • Food + Recipes

    Banana +Coconut Milk “Cookies”

    As you can see, I was fortunate enough to have my very own little kitchen minion while making this recipe. He was the sweetest ever, saying “cookie” the entire time. Even…

  • Food + Recipes

    Almond Butter Brownies

    We ate them all.  We at them all gone. Over the weekend I finally got around to trying out this almond butter brownie recipe I’ve been wanting to make.  Of course…