11 Weeks Tomorrow

According to, Baby B 2.0 is now about the size of a fig! Madness.  He or she may as well be the size of a grapefruit with they way I’ve been feeling…

When I was pregnant with Wyatt, I remember reading all sort of things about how each pregnancy is completely different and can vary from child to child with the same woman. It’s amazing how we can read truths but never really understand them until experiencing them first hand! The first time around I had no nausea or morning sickness of any kind.  There was a few weeks where I had to be really careful about how much I had to eat at one time with out becoming overly and uncomfortably full — but never anything like I’ve experienced this time around.

No true morning sickness, in my opinion, because I’ve yet to throw up. But for the past 3 or more weeks I’ve been feeling pretty darn nauseous.  Last week I thought I was out of the woods because instead of feeling lousy with a few brief periods of normalcy — I actually felt good.  With a few periods of feeling lousy.  Welp, this week I’m back to feeling nauseous and like I always have a pit in my stomach.  Weird right? Real food only seems to make it works most days which is pretty frustrating.  The past couple of days I seem to have had good success with frozen nutritious smoothies, so I’m hopeful of that! I will be sharing with you one of my favorites concoctions, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Oatmeal smoothie, with you next week!

11 weeks and the size of a fig

Other mentionables:

  1. I didn’t wear maternity pants until 7-8 months pregnant with Wyatt (I got by with the bella band)
  2. I decided today at 10 weeks 6 days that it would be okay to put on my maternity jeans for comfort sake.  I think it’s true what they say about you showing sooner the second time around — but I’m not really showing yet.  Just freaking uncomfortable in the midsection region and loose pants seem to help curb the nausea. Thank heavens!
  3. Seriously. Amen for maternity pants that are glorified yoga pants I can wear to work. My favorite pair are these from the Gap.
  4. I’m teaching Wyatt to kiss my belly for future adorable belly bump photos
  5. Friends who call you beautiful (thank you Karissa), moms who come over to watch baby just so you can get a peaceful shower and husbands who offer to watch baby after they just put in a 11 hour day so you can curl up in a ball on the couch for 5 minutes are the best. Like the best.
  6. I take it back. Babies that don’t care if you feel like you’re going to throw up and want to run around outside because they love life and want you to love it too, subsequently making you work through the urge to crawl back into bed are the best.  The absolute best.
  7. Fingers crossed for better luck during the second trimester!

Happy happy Friday!


Image credit: babycenter

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